The hidden beauty of the Czech Republic: 4 things you simply have to do if you come visit

Not that we’re biased or anything, but we have to admit that the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. There are less than 1000 UNESCO world heritage sites in the whole world, yet you’ll find 12 of them in the Czech Republic.

If you fancy a real Czech experience, here are 4 things you should definitely do if you want to see the real Czech Republic.

1. Go to a wine festival

The Czech Republic’s pretty famous for its beer. But if you take a trip south to the magical region of Moravia, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with Czech wine too. Moravia is home to hundreds of local vineyards. And they produce amazing, award winning wines that could easily compete with the wine making giants of the world.

Every Autumn, towns hold wine festivals. There you get the opportunity to taste wines that come from just down the road, and experience the best that Czech culture has to offer. Not only will you get to have a glass of wine or two, you’ll get to listen to traditional Czech folk music. (Not surprisingly it is all about drinking, women, and love). You’ll also notice everyone will be wearing Kroj, which is our national dress. Each village has their own different Kroj, as historically the richer the village was, the fancier their Kroj is. And…who could resist a selfie with those good-looking locals 😉


2. Visit Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov has to be the most beautiful town in the Czech Republic. It’ll feel like you’re walking through a fairy-tale in this UNESCO heritage site. It’s home to a stunning castle that overlooks the Vltava river. And its Renaissance and Baroque architecture is something you can’t miss.



3. Try real Czech food

If you’ve been to Prague, chances are you’ve tried trdelniky and probably smazak (friend cheese) too. But there is a lot more to Czech food than that! If you’re on holiday, you have to try svickova (beef in a creamy sauce served with dumplings), vepro-knedlo-zelo (pork, dumplings and cabbage), rizek a bramborovy salat (schnitzel and potato salad), and ovocne knedliky (fruit filled dumplings). You can also give venison a try too, and see just how many ways it’s possible to prepare potatoes.


4. Take a trip to one of Prague’s jazz clubs

If you get a chance to have a listen to our traditional music, you’ll realise why they say that Czech’s have music in their blood. If you’re a music lover and you’re visiting Prague, you definitely have to pay one of our world-class Jazz clubs a visit, e.g. Ungelt, Reduta, or Maly Glen.




Author: Sarah Pokorná



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