ELIA digs deeper, or the hard work of project management under the microscope

They are the front line. They are the face of our companies, but they do all the hard work that often goes unnoticed.
They are the most important pillars that we as sales managers rely on. Who are we talking about?

About our colleagues (don’t worry, Petr, we haven’t forgotten about you) from project management. Without their careful work, the efforts of all the others would be pointless and establishing business contacts would be in vain. And because everything in life has to be taken care of and tended to, it is also necessary to focus on the activities of ‘project mangers’ – the problems they face each day and the pitfalls that they attempt to circumvent. To determine what slows them down, what is helpful and, last but not least, what they enjoy. The ELIA Conference held in Prague in December was about all of this and much more. České překlady was a proud partner of this conference, and on this occasion the company also sent representatives – sales manager Klára and Prague branch manager Alžběta.


Alžběta began her career as a project manager at České překlady and was therefore able to contribute her wealth of experience to the discussion. Klára, who is still new to project management, was excited about the opportunity to learn more about the entire project management process. As a sales manager, the conference provided her valuable information on how to offer clients the most effective yet realistic solutions. The second key aspect of the entire conference was the unique opportunity to meet personally with both existing and new trading partners. Despite the fact that (or perhaps precisely because) life today is full of emails, chats, and Skype calls, there is nothing better than personal encounters to simplify future communication.


So, what impressions did Alžběta and Klára bring back from the conference?

‘The first day of the conference was filled with inspirational lectures from speakers charged with energy and enthusiasm. During coffee breaks, we shared experiences with others, met new people and warmly greeted those we know and with whom we already work. The next day, we all used the new information from the previous day mixed in with our own experiences, and maybe even a little grumbling over what annoys us at work and things that aren’t going exactly the way we would like.

We were greatly relieved to find out that we weren’t alone, and that the things we experience and wrestle with at work are quite widespread in the industry. It was nice to learn that although we are all essentially competitors, we are able to help one another out and find solutions. Klára came away from the conference with a better understanding of the work of her project management colleagues.

We shared the advice and tips with our team as soon as we returned, and in fact noticed that changes were made in the workplace the very next day. Thanks for that!’.


And where are we heading now? We are looking forward to the ELIA conference in Vienna in October. See you there? Wir freuen uns auf Sie. Auf Wiedersehen! See you soon ?


Author: Klára Svozilová


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