Did you know that translators have their own patron saint?

Well, if you didn’t, now you do! He’s called St. Jerome, and he’s the reason it’s international translation day on 30th September.
To celebrate, we’re giving you 20% off!

Let’s face it, when people come up with a list of jobs, translator doesn’t normally come out on top. Although translators go unnoticed (most of the time, anyway!), their job is essential with the rate of globalisation nowadays.

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) have been celebrating International Translation Day since they were founded in 1953 to bring the translation community closer together and display pride in what we, translation professionals, do every day.

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on the day of St Jerome, the patron saint of translators. St Jerome lived from 347-420AD. He was passionate about languages and studied Hebrew and Greek, and became famous after translating the bible into Latin.

We’re really proud of the amazing work not just our but all translators and interpreters do every day, which is why we’re celebrating International Translation Day by offering up to 20% off all translations ordered on 30th September.

To claim your discount, all you need to do is quote the discount code “St. Jerome” when placing your order.



We wonder what St. Jerome is thinking about. Maybe he needs more context?



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