Dating a translator? Here’s 10 things you need to be careful of (as chosen by our team of in-house translators)!

It’s Valentine’s Day. And we totally didn’t over-hear our in-house team talking about what it’s like to date a translator…and we totally didn’t turn it into a blog post. Ok, that’s a lie. We have to admit it was pretty funny hearing what their partners complain about, so we thought we’d share what they said. If you’re dating a translator, have you picked up on any of these traits yet too? 🙂

  • Finding mistakes on the menu

This is probably the first trait you’re going to pick up on! If you take us to a restaurant, we will find mistakes in the menu and laugh at how badly it was translated.

  • Grammar

Yep, we’re all grammar Nazis. We spent an awful long time learning grammar, so we do expect you to get your native language right! And if you don’t, we will correct you 😛

  • Speaking your language

If you’re from a different country, we will try and learn your language, no matter if you want us to or not. There’s nothing more romantic than having to use google translate to find out what you’ve sent us (and we love feeling super clever when we send something back)!

  • Music tastes

If you’re going on a road trip with a translator, make sure you pack your own CDs, because the chances are you won’t understand a word of ours! Don’t be surprised if we manage to cram songs in 10 different languages onto a single CD!

  • We’re up all night with you

It’s every partners dream having someone who will stay up all night with you, right? Well, unfortunately we will be working and we’ll be busy with those CAT tools.

  • We will use other languages to make the situation less awkward…and swear at you too

Don’t piss us off – we will swear at you in a variety of different languages, depending on our mood. And if we ever find ourselves in an awkward situation, we will speak a different language to make it a little bit easier.

  • Eavesdropping

There’s nothing funnier than eavesdropping into foreign people’s conversations, especially when they don’t think anyone can understand them. You’ll sure get to hear all the juicy gossip 😀

  • Context

We need context…for literally everything…no matter if it’s during a film or when you want a freebie translation.

  • Proofreading

Don’t do translations or proofreading with us – it will just cause an argument. We don’t like preferential changes, so don’t you even dare suggest some!

  • Linguistic jokes

Languages are funny! We like making jokes about them, and we also like laughing at words that have funny/vulgar meanings in other languages too. So if we randomly start laughing for what looks like no reason – it’s probably got something to do with languages.


P.s. please don’t be put off, we are normal really! And if you’re dating a translator, high-five, you have amazing tastes 🙂


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