Ceske preklady/Czech translations is now a proud member of ELIA!

If you’ve had a chance to read our blog post about our trip to Brussels, you’ll have read all about how brilliant our trip was. It was a great success, and we came back to Prague full of inspiration after meeting with industry friends and fellow ELIA members. Everyone made us feel so welcome that we knew on our return there was only one thing to do – join ELIA! Which is exactly what we’ve done!

The European Language Industry Association serves as a hub for getting companies from all around the world together, allowing members to grow together and share their experiences. One of their other big aims is to promote ethics and quality standards through the industry which is something we hold dear.

Now we’re a member we are really looking forward to getting involved in their future events and playing a part in the industry’s future development.

For more information about ELIA and the great work they do check out their website http://www.elia-association.org/About_Elia. And of course if you need anything translating you know where we are 🙂


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