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We love technology – Translating website content using a CMS connector

For an extremely successful Czech technology start-up, Memsource, we regularly translate updates to the website and blog from English into German, as well as text strings for the Memsource app, including the UI of the Memsource web and mobile app, from English into fourteen European and Asian languages.

Customers create their own translation projects using automation features, manage their own translation memory and glossary, and are therefore fully in control of their part of the translation process. We then simply receive e-mail notifications containing links to the projects assigned to us for translation. Our systems are connected and communicate with each other in real time.

Translation projects are created automatically thanks to the communication between the translation studio and the content management system, using the so-called CMS connector. All you need to do is connect your CMS with our translation studio and our translation services will be available “at the click of a button”. 

You can find even more details about this project on our blog.

Do you need a website translation but are not sure how to go about it? Let us know – we will be happy to advise you.

Glossary – Ensuring Consistent Terminology according to European Legislation

In 2019, we were approached by a company specializing in animal and pet nutrition with the question of how to make sure that the technical terminology of the European Parliament and the Council (EC) and a regulation of the European Commission was strictly followed in our translations. The company exports its products to a number of European countries, and in order to ensure that the products can be marketed abroad, the translations of the ingredients contained in them and other similar texts must be in full compliance with the terminology of EU legislation.

We discussed the details, listened to the customer’s requirements and expectations, and took into account the volume of the translated texts. We therefore extracted more than 1,000 technical terms in Czech and English from the specific EU regulations provided by the customer.

Subsequently, we imported these terms into the term base in Memsource, after which they became an integral part of all our translation projects for the client in question. This terminology and quality management system guarantees 100% consistency in our terminology in each translation project done for this customer. And what’s more, for translations with tight delivery deadlines, our project managers are able to more effectively coordinate the work of our translators and proofreaders, and thus meet our customer’s requirements for high-quality work.

Thanks to this comprehensive solution, we have yet another satisfied customer. We managed to not only strengthen our cooperation with this customer, but also instill trust in the quality of our services. For us, this is both a commitment and a promise of future business.

Are you also looking for ways to improve the consistency of your terminology in translations? Contact us via e-mail or phone. We will be happy to lend you a helping hand and design an ideal solution. Check our latest blog post to find out more about terminology and glossaries.

Translation of Annual Reports – Enjoy More Cost Savings Every Year

Annual reports represent a specific domain of translation services. Not only are they, so to speak, “seasonal goods” – they are usually published in late winter and early spring – but there is also the fact that large sections of their text remain unchanged, or change only minimally, year after year.

Therefore it came as no surprise that this year, just as in the previous two years, we once again received an enquiry for the translation of an annual report from one of our major clients. Thanks to the use of our translation technology, we were able to reduce the cost of the translation service by a large percentage!

For better clarity, let’s have a look at the exact numbers for the past three years:

2017 annual report: A total of 99,110 words. Of this we charged for 85,449 words. The customer saved 14% on repetitive text.
2018 annual report: A total of 101,435 words. Of this we charged for 83,952 words. The customer saved 18% on repetitive text.
2019 annual report: A total of 100,107 words. Of this we charged for 75,333 words. The customer saved 25% on repetitive text.

You can find even more details about this project on our blog.

Are you in need of a translation for your annual report? Contact us for a price quote, and let us be your long-term partner on your way towards higher cost savings.

The efficient conversion of over 1,000 pages of uneditable text into translation-friendly form

We were contacted by a major law firm with a request to translate more than a thousand standard pages in 120 different scanned PDF documents with a deadline of just two weeks. After a meticulous telephone consultation, we suggested a solution that saved the customer money and, thanks to the gradual sending of documents, we were able to respect the schedule.

By thoroughly analysing the documents, we determined that many of the texts were very similar. We then went through all of the documents and divided them into several groups, each of which contained specific documents similar to each other (framework contracts, works contracts, general business conditions, etc.). In order to ensure consistency and reduce the price as much as possible, it was necessary to format the documents in editable form, which is a service we offer in the vast majority of cases in the price of the translation, i.e. free of charge for the client. Therefore, we began to progressively format individual batches of documents (a week of work in total), and the very next day we were able to assign the first batch with the shortest deadlines. Thanks to the distribution of documents based on similar terminology, we provided the client the highest possible discounts on repetitions and reduced the delivery time to the minimum. At the same time, we eliminated the terminological differences that would have resulted from assigning similar documents to multiple translators. Due to this sophisticated process, we managed to assign translations to only three translators, who continuously and gradually worked on documents that were similar in type. These translators used the terminological glossary and the translation memory to ensure consistency.

We are prepared to provide you this level of care for your translations as well. Therefore, if you need to translate a large number of documents in a seemingly impossible amount of time, contact us – you just might be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you 🙂

The tale of Czech translations and their European translation marathon

Once upon a time in June 2017, a major multinational company needed help translating their product descriptions from German into Czech. The amount of text was so big, that they needed to use more than one agency. They enlisted the help of all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, known as different European translation agencies. Czech translations was enlisted to join the team of the bravest knights of the continent, who were mad enough to tackle such an enormous project. Right, enough with the fairy-tale 🙂 Here’s how we achieved that happily ever after.

The total number of words needed translating were 422,000 (about 1688 standard pages), which all needed to be done in 12 days (18 if you count weekends). Just to give you something to compare it against, normally a job like this would take 169 days. So, in order to meet the deadline, we put together a team of 26 translators, 2 internal proof-readers, 2 project managers and a dedicated Vendor Manager.

The client had really specific instructions which we needed to keep to. Luckily, the type of text helped make it easier when splitting the translation between a team of translators. The Vendor Manager’s job was to put together and coordinate the team of translators, while ensuring that we had enough translators available for our regular clients. Our Project Managers communicated with both the client and the translators, making sure that all of their instructions were met, and time-schedules were being kept to. The finished translations were then passed over to our in-house proof-readers, who checked the quality of the translation and once again made sure that the client’s instructions were met. The translation was all done using Memsource, which really helped us with translating and proofreading simultaneously. It also meant that our translators could share and update the TM and glossary in real time, ensuring that if there were any discrepancies they were all sorted out in time. The whole team then spent the last few days going through the project and checking everything. Ensuring that all the kings horses and all the kings men put back the translation together again. Normally checks like this take a few hours, but for such a big project it took a few days.

We’re so proud of our team for being able to manage such a big project without extending our office hours, and most importantly without negatively impacting our regular clients. What’s best is that we got really positive feedback from all of our clients.

Just to finish things off, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be seeing some of our translations around pretty soon 🙂

Three days instead of thirty. Our version of an express translation.

Assignment: translation of 27 volumes (292 standard pages) in triplicate, for a total of 81 volumes of translation (876 pages).

The translation request came in at noon on Wednesday and the order was placed in the late afternoon. Following a consultation with the client, the deadline for the work was set as Monday noon. This means that we had less than three working days for a job that would normally take 30 working days.

The course of the project:
Wednesday 4:24 p.m.  (translation ordered): formatting of provided PDF files into an editable form (overnight), selection of suitable translators and assembly of the team;
Thursday morning: confirmation of the translation team, sending of formatted texts for translation, coordination of terminology, creation of a translation glossary to ensure consistent terminology;
Thursday-Sunday: Translation under the strict control of the project manager and appointed head of the translation team, terminology consultations, unification of style;
Overnight Sunday: internal control and final unification of texts;
Monday morning: sorting, printing, binding and scanning documents (three employees, two printers and two scanners are fully occupied);
Monday 12:20: all 81 volumes are picked up by the client.

We can handle express orders and are not afraid of challenges. If you have a seemingly impossible task, please contact us.


We deliver complete translation and interpreting services for one of the largest and notable language schools in the Czech Republic.

We have established very close collaboration with the school and provide services that reach far beyond usual standards. If it is necessary to communicate directly with a third party, we are discreet and always act in accordance with the agreed principles.

Thanks to this partnership, which includes professional project management consultations online, we handle the total agenda and our client can concentrate on its core business.

Discounts for repeated text in practice

BEDNAR FMT is one of the most innovative manufacturers of agricultural machinery, developing and producing machines with a high added value for the end user. We established close cooperation with BEDNAR in 2013.

We’ve documented a brief history of translation project number 67531 over a few months:

The text submitted for translation contained 13,241 words. However, due our translation memory, we only charged 11,410 words in our price quote.

In the meantime, the customer needed other translations in the same language combination, which developed our translation memory even further. As a result, four months later we charged only 9,218 words for the exact same job, and three months later just 8,834!

As you can see, every translated document can significantly reduce the price for the translation of any subsequent document in the same language combination.

Translations for the largest Czech-Slovak law firm

We have been a trusted partner of the largest law firm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2008.

By the end of 2015, the total volume of our translations for Havel, Holásek & Partners, just in the English-Czech combination, totalled over 2,700 pages of certified translations and more than 8,000 pages of regular translations.

The number of completed translation projects, in over 60 different language combinations, is close to two thousand.

We also often deliver express translations of long texts in order to meet the requirements of the law firm’s esteemed clients.

Our cooperation continues to our mutual satisfaction.

Halfway between translation and creative writing

McCANN is one of the leading communication agencies in the Czech Republic and, we are proud to say, has been one of our satisfied clients since 2009.

The agency requires creative translations and stylistic proofreading, often performed under extremely tight deadlines.

In addition to slogans and phrases, we translate long-running campaigns, where our long-term cooperation really pays off. Thanks to our translation memory, we are able to precisely find the previously used phrases, even after many years, and maintain consistent terminology.

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