Did you know that translators have their own patron saint?

Well, if you didn’t, now you do! He’s called St. Jerome, and he’s the reason it’s international translation day on 30th September. To celebrate, we’re giving you 20% off! Let’s face it, when people come up with a list of jobs, translator doesn’t normally come out on top. Although translators go unnoticed (most of the […]

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October’s going to be a pretty special month for us. Czech out where we’re off to! (We’ll give you a clue, it’s in Brussels :D)

After reading the headline, bet you’re probably wondering what we’re all super excited about! Well, in just three weeks time, we’ll be heading to Brussels for what will not only be our first ever ELIA event, but also the first international industry event we’ve ever attended! We’ve heard a lot about ELIA and their Networking […]

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Proofreading by a native speaker – is it truly necessary?

Some of our customers are quite surprised when we point out that texts intended for publication should always be proofread by a native speaker. ‘The translator isn’t proficient in the language?’ Don’t worry – they are. The proofreading of printed materials is about more than just correcting mistakes; above all, it ensures that the text […]

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Sales Manager for our Prague branch

We are looking for a colleague to join the Prague branch of České překlady as Sales Manager. We will be pleased to welcome you in our team of translation services professionals. We are looking for a good communicator who enjoys work. A sales person who will be pleasant to work with for our clients as […]

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Benefits of Long-Term Cooperation

Generally, loyalty pays and long-term relationships are mutually beneficial. Translation services are no exception to this rule. Like you, we too are looking for stability – we seek partners for long-term relationships. Partners are valued in both professional and personal lives. This is why we would like to become your long-term partner for translation services. Such cooperation is beneficial for both parties, as it gives partners the feeling of mutual understanding, awareness of technical details and in the end it saves time and makes everyone’s lives easier.

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Are your documents safe?

You are often worried about the security of your documents. Some clients, particularly those who haven’t had any experience with our company yet, are reluctant to hand over their data, which is often very sensitive, to a third party. Let’s talk about what we do to make sure you don’t have to worry about your documents.

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Express charges – what am I actually paying for?

We all have to work under time pressure sometimes. You know how it is – yesterday was too late, stress is reaching critical levels and the costs of failing to meet a deadline can reach exorbitant figures. That’s when you need express service… which comes with express charges. Even in cases when your text is […]

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