• České překlady s.r.o. provides translation and interpreting services using the latest translation technology.
  • Kateřina Tomíčková has been named Head of the Project Management Department of the Olomouc branch, which is focused exclusively on the foreign market.
  • She is responsible for the complete management of projects and for leading the team of project managers.




She has been working as a project manager at České překlady s.r.o. since 2018, but due to her great experience in the translation environment, the move to a new position will become an interesting challenge for her.

She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus on interpreting and translation at the Palacký University in Olomouc, and is close to completing her Master’s Degree at the Charles University in Prague with the same specialisation.

As English is not only her profession, but also a hobby, when she is not fully involved in managing the operations at our Olomouc branch, she spends her free time translating or proofreading.

Equipped with a disarming smile, she is also actively engaged in self-defence, jiu-jitsu and yoga.



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