Are your documents safe?

You are often worried about the security of your documents. Some clients, particularly those who haven’t had any experience with our company yet, are reluctant to hand over their data, which is often very sensitive, to a third party.

This is entirely understandable. They are sharing with us unsigned contracts, personal information, important documents that were very difficult to obtain or anything else. With that in mind, let’s talk about what we do to make sure you don’t have to worry about your documents.

Can my documents be stolen?

If you have brought your documents to us in a physical form, for example for a certified translation, you might be worried about their security.

The building where our company has its seat is secured by CCTV and our offices are only accessible with an electronic chip. More than that, all your documents are securely stored in our sturdy safe which is a nightmare of all movers.


My documents contain very sensitive data; what if their content is leaked?

We are of course always ready to sign a confidentiality clause with you if you feel you need one, but a confidentiality provision is already included in our business terms and conditions (Article V, Section 7), which we consider our absolute priority to always uphold.


Can I become a victim of cybercrime?

Now that we’ve excluded the human factor, there are still some unresolved issues. How do we handle our data?

The vast majority of our translation work is carried out using the Memsource software application developed by a company of the same name. Our very close collaboration with the company gives us a unique and complex technological advantage on the translation market. The benefits of this collaboration are so many and so varied that it will be better to stick to the topic: Document security is one of the most important aspects of the work of Memsource specialists. The result is a high level of protection for your documents while they are being translated.


Let’s summarise the most important security aspects of this system:

– Memsource is certified according to ISO 27001.

– All communication between our agency and the translators is encrypted using the latest security standards AES_128_GCM and ECDHE_RSA. Our translators access all texts using the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

– The software environment stores all data in one place with strictly defined access rights for individual users, particularly translators.

– Data on the server is secure. The company, among many other precautions, runs “penetration tests” which are carried out by “professional hackers”. This may sound funny, but their role is to detect any security holes in the system and find ways to patch them up.

– Thanks to the use of Memsource, we do not have to send files by e-mail (or deliver them physically), which is still common practice in most agencies. Our translators work directly in our virtual environment and their work is 100% under our control, no matter where in the world they are.

– Data is stored in the cloud, i.e. outside our translators’ computers. Their computer is only a tool for accessing the cloud. This means that in most cases, the translation is not lost even if the translator’s computer decides to act up.

These and other arguments are the reason why even the largest Czech banks or law offices don’t hesitate to share their data with us, even though these types of companies consider security their greatest priority.


Now that we’ve explained how much effort we spend on making sure that our documents are secure, some people might wonder whether that is because our translators cannot be trusted. But that would be very far from the truth. All of our suppliers are acting under confidentiality agreements as well as our business terms and conditions, but more than that, their role as translators and interpreters essentially makes them modern day confessors.

Because globalisation and international communication are so necessary in today’s world, translations are in higher demand than ever. Even though we of course consider your sensitive data very valuable, the average translator has already handled dozens of similar highly confidential documents and corporate secrets. It’s a job that requires a great deal of professionalism and ethics, so even if we put aside all of our precautions, confidentiality is a perfectly natural and integral part of the work of our suppliers.


Finally, we would like to stress that in our 12 years of operation, we have never been in a situation in which we’d have to deal with any leak of information (or even a suspected leak of information) or loss of documents.



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