The contents of your documents are safe with us

Contracts in negotiation, personal medical data, court decisions… these are just a few examples of the texts our translators work with.

We understand you may feel uncomfortable handing us sensitive documents.

See how we protect your content.

Let’s answer some of the most important questions: “Can the contents of documents entrusted to us by a customer be disclosed?” The answer is: “Definitely not.”

We have several internal processes and control mechanisms in place to avoid data leakage. Nothing of this sort has happened in the two decades of our company’s existence. What do we do for customers in terms of security?


01      Confidentiality as part of our Terms and Conditions

We are absolutely committed to adhering to the confidentiality principles defined in our Terms and Conditions.


02      Phrase TMS for data transfer

Virtually all of our translations are done using Phrase translation software, which is ISO 27001 certified and is a leader in terms of data security. Why?

  • Using Phrase means it is not necessary to send any content via e-mail or deliver any paper copies, which is a common practice in many agencies. Translators work directly within our secured space, and we have complete control over their work, no matter where in the world they work from.
  • Communication between the agency and translators is encrypted according to the latest AES_128_GCM and ECDHE_RSA security standards. Translators always access their texts using the encrypted HTTPS protocol.
  • Phrase stores all data in one place. Each user has strict and precisely defined access rights.
  • Among other security measures, the software runs “penetration tests”, carried out by “professional hackers”. The objective of these is to detect potential holes in the security and resolve them.
  • All data is backed up in cloud storage, i.e., outside of the translator’s computer, which acts only as a tool for cloud access. This means that there is no need for the translator to download documents on their own computer.


03      Safe box for storing paper documents

Our company headquarters is secured by a camera system, and no one can enter our offices without an electronic chip. In our office, all documents entrusted to us in paper form are kept in a safe box, a true nightmare for all moving companies.

If you still have doubts and are hesitant to give us your confidential documents in paper form, try out our electronic certified translation service.


04      Professionalism of translators

We sign NDAs with our translators, and our safety principles are also defined in our Terms and Conditions for Vendors. Moreover, confidentiality is an obvious part of the translators’ ethics.


05      Credibility tested by “demanding” clientele

We have never had to deal with any issues related to data security. We have never lost or been suspected of losing any documents or data. With us, your data is 100% safe. The fact that we work with the largest Czech banks and law firms is clear proof of this.



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