Anežka Soukupová, a Lover of Scandinavia, Becomes a New Member of Our Project Management Team in Prague

Anežka Soukupová joined the Prague team this spring. Before that, she worked in the Prague office of a Danish travel agency for four years, during which she handled bookings for guests arriving from the Nordic countries. She loves working with people, even if it is often quite challenging.



She has beeninterested in languages since she was a child, which she proves by presenting her diary entry dating back to 2004, listing the languages she wishes to learn (see the image below). Eventually, she graduated in Scandinavian Studies, majoring in Swedish at Masaryk University, took on two semesters of Biblical Hebrew and later began to learn Danish.

Before she travelled to Sweden as part of her study programme, she worked for a translation agency as a translation quality reviewer. After completing her university studies, she became a freelance translator focusing on Swedish fiction; one of her translations has recently been published – Elisabeth Åsbrink’s novel And in the Vienna Woods the Trees Remain. She is a member of the non-profit cultural institution the Scandinavian House in Prague, where she is mainly responsible for organizing events promoting Sweden in the Czech Republic.



In her spare time, besides translating books, she likes collecting stories depicting various aspects of human history, going to the cinema, drawing and writing articles about her beloved Nordic countries.



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